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School Plans for Fall

Elementary, middle, and high schools are starting to make their decisions about the fall. Plans are falling into several buckets including the use of :

  1. Temperature checks

  2. Team A/Team B shifts

  3. Virtual learning

  4. Classes will stay together

  5. Lunch in homeroom

It’s important to start planning now before the school year begins. Keep informed about your school‘s decisions and know what the plans are for your child’s education.

If you are working from home, consider developing a daily routine so everyone stays on track. Treat a virtual day like a regular school day.

  1. Develop a dedicated space for learning, remove distractions and clear clutter.

  2. Use a daily notebook or whiteboard to organize your day.

  3. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and begin the day.

  4. Take breaks for lunch, snacks and movement

  5. Ens the day by reviewing work, cleaning up papers and set everything up for the next day.

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